FAS Converting Machinery AB

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    FAS Converting Machinery AB

    Virvelvägen 5


    +46 411 69260

    This unit is optimized for garbage bag production, in- or off-line. Equipped with a non driven C-folder and single sealing bars as standard. With FAS tensionless sealing operation and heating from two sides, it enables LLD, LD, MD, HD, recycled and biomaterial to be converted into a garbage bag on roll. The TU220 tape unit is the only optional equipment which can be attached. Basic converting line for garbage bag production including a non driven C-folderIn- or Offline configuration – with or without surface unwindFlexible unit, easy to operate and maintainServo drivenA combination of well proven FAS unitsSealing from two sides with single sealing barsUnique tensionless sealing systemOptional equipped with – PP-insert and TU220 tape unit



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